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21 Jan, 2023
Posted by Vittetoe Web Team
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What Are the Benefits of Using a Smart Doorbell?

Smart Tech is making our everyday life easier, more convenient, and safer. With staying protected being a top priority for everyone, safety-conscious Colorado homeowners can improve the security of their homes with smart video doorbells.

Not only does a smart doorbell help safeguard your family and assets by adding a layer of security to your home, but they also offer a level of convenience that a conventional doorbell can’t come close to matching.

What is a Smart Doorbell?

A smart doorbell is an internet-connected replacement for a traditional doorbell. It notifies the homeowner’s smartphone or alternative electronic device when a visitor arrives at the door. It does this when the visitor presses the button of the doorbell or when the doorbell, using its built-in motion sensors, senses a visitor approaching.

The smart doorbell lets the homeowner watch and talk with the visitor via the smartphone app using the doorbell’s built-in infrared camera and microphone.

Here are some of the top advantages of having a smart doorbell for your home.

  • Know who is at your door (even if you’re not home)
    Before smart doorbells, if you suspected an unexpected guest at your door your only option was to tiptoe quietly to the door and look through the peephole, hoping that the uninvited visitor didn’t spot you. Fortunately, smart doorbells have changed that.

    When the unexpected guest rings the doorbell, you receive a live video feed on your device to decide whether you want to interact with that person. If you’re not home, you’ll still receive the notification with the live video on your smartphone, so you’ll always know who is at your front door.
  • Deter intruders from your property
    Having a visible smart doorbell can help deter would-be burglars from advancing with their plans.  They don’t want to get caught, and once they notice that you have a camera on them, they’ll know that you’re aware of their presence by the motion-sensor notification to your smartphone making your house a tough target!

  • Provides video evidence to police
    If you were to have a break-in or another type of home invasion, the smart doorbell stores the videos that it captures. Likewise, if there was a car accident outside your property or another altercation, then these videos would prove very useful to send to the police or other authorities involved.
  • Knowing when your parcel has arrived
    We live in a world where households are receiving more packages than ever before. Unfortunately, that has given way to a new type of crime emerging across the country. Thieves will wait until a delivery person leaves packages at an absent owner’s door and then steal them while no one is home.

Homeowners with smart doorbells can thwart these would-be thieves as the device will record any burglar who may try to steal your package and it’ll also notify you when someone is at your front door, potentially catching them in the act itself. 

Learn More about Smart Doorbells

At Vittetoe Electric, we understand that security is important to Colorado homeowners. If you want to find out how a smart doorbell can work for your home and need help correctly installing it, contact us today.

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