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07 Jan, 2023
Posted by Vittetoe Web Team
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Protecting Your Home Electronics from Lightning Strikes

Within an average year, approximately 500,000 lightning flashes hit the ground in Colorado. The onset of a thunderstorm can be cause for concern in your household if you have young children or pets who are scared of storms. Unfortunately, thunderstorms can also bring the dangerous possibility of lightning striking your home, causing severe damage to your property or electronics. 

The majority of home wiring delivers electricity at 120 volts compared to the typical lightning flash that delivers a whopping 300 million volts! It’s no surprise that one lightning strike could cause significant damage to any of your home electronics such as your TV, computer, or any light fixtures.

Vittetoe Electric shares how to protect electronics from lightning in Colorado with this simple guide.

Unplug all devices

To fully protect your electrical devices and appliances from lightning-caused electrical surges is to unplug them as harsh weather approaches your Colorado home. In the event that a power surge from a lightning strike uses the home’s wiring system as a primary or secondary path, all devices will have been cut off from the circuit and thus avoid any damage. 

Surge Protectors 

Unfortunately, it’s not always realistic to unplug all electric devices if the storm is severe enough that you need to seek shelter. You may also not be at home when the storm hits. Investing in a quality surge protector can help protect your home and your electronics. Your electronics can accept brief amounts of high maximum voltages without a surge protector, however, you’ll need a surge protector to help block the 300 million volts in a lightning strike. 

Lightning Protection System

Homeowners can ask a licensed, trusted electrician to install a service-entrance surge protector. This type of surge protector is usually placed between the electric meter external to your home and the home’s main electrical service panel. This whole-home system prevents an electrical surge from entering the home’s internal wiring system by blocking it before it even reaches its intended destination. This kind of surge protector will safeguard all the electrical devices within your home.

Check Your Insurance Policies

No one hopes for the worse to happen, but it’s wise to plan for it. If a disaster does strike, it’s useful to know that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance coverage is well equipped to deal with the ‘worst case scenario’. We recommend reviewing yours before you need to consider its limitations in the event of an emergency. 

Protect Your Home with Vittetoe Electric

The best way to be prepared for storms and lightning is to know when to expect them. Investing in a surge protector can help protect your home and your electronics. Before going out and buying a whole shopping cart of surge protectors, talk to the experts at Vittetoe Electric for advice. 

Usually, March brings the first claps of thunder and the first bolts of lightning in Colorado. Be prepared for Colorado’s lightning season. We can advise you on the best products for homeowners and offer a responsive and professional service to all homeowners. 

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