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28 Nov, 2022
Posted by Vittetoe Web Team
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Optimize Your Heating This Winter In Colorado

Staying comfortable in the winter requires energy. Colorado winters are cold and as energy costs continue to rise, many families will be seeking for a way to lower the cost of their energy bills. If you’re conscious about saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, there’s steps that you can take this winter when it comes to heating your home. 

When your appliances run efficiently, they’re less likely to cost as much and are less likely to cause problems. There are a few things that households can do to make sure that your family stay warm while saving energy. 

Insulate Your Home

As you’re preparing for the chilly months in Colorado, now is a good time to ensure that the insulation in your attic, walls, basement, crawl spaces and floors is adequate and doesn’t require any maintenance. 

Replace Your Furnace Filter

Replacing your furnace filter regularly is not only important for your air quality, but it also is good for your wallet! Vittetoe Electric recommends checking yours once a month and replacing it as required. 

Control Your Thermostat

During the colder months in Colorado, families will be fighting over the optimal temperature in their homes. By lowering your thermostat, a degree or two during the winter months, you will save a lot on energy costs. Keep your thermostat set to 68-69 degrees and turn it down even further when you’re not at home or your household is sleeping. It could save you up to 3% on your heating bill!

If you have a programmable timer, then you can optimize when your heating turns on and off throughout the day to fit with your family’s schedule. You’ll even be able to set different times and temperatures for different days of the week. 

If you haven’t already, upgrade your thermostat with Vittetoe Electric to a digital thermostat – making it easy and flexible to manage your heating this winter. 

Heat Your Home Efficiently 

Consider where in the house you’re heating and if it’s necessary. Setting lower temperatures for parts of your home that you do not use as often will save energy and money. You may decide to not heat your spare bedroom unless you have a guest visit, for example. 

Don’t forget to close the doors to unused rooms, you don’t want the cold air to flow into the rest of your house and cause a chill. 

Seal Your Windows and Doors

Have you ever been sat comfortably only to notice an unpleasant cold air draft? Use caulk to seal unwanted air leaks around your windows and doors and take time to look underneath your sinks and anywhere you have exposed pipes for any further cold air leaks preventing your house staying toasty. This will go a long way to help conserve energy this winter.

Call a Professional 

Electrical faults within heating systems are common, and you won’t want to be caught out by them this winter. Vittetoe Electric can diagnose and carry out repairs and maintenance quickly to help conserve your home’s heat. 

If you require your heating system to be rewired or repaired, speak to our reliable, experienced electrical professionals today.

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