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24 Jun, 2022
Posted by Vittetoe Web Team
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Landscape Lighting to Boost Home Value

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” 

– Aaron Rose.

The evenings are drawing in and soon it will be winter here in Colorado. You may be considering adding a Landscape Lighting System to your property to help navigate your yard in the darker seasons, but there are many benefits of adding landscaping lighting all year round! Investing in your property on the outside may even prove more important than renovations on the inside, as a prospective buyer’s first impression is the key to unlocking a successful sale.

A professional electrician can ensure that your landscape lighting makes your home more secure, inviting, and visually appealing. Whether you’re looking to sell your home this season or thinking about how to add value for the future, let’s have a look at some of the value-adding benefits of installing landscape lighting. 

Safe, secure, protected
Landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your property and create a serious deterrent for potentially intruders at night. Having multiple lights carefully placed in your front and backyard, focusing on doorways and entrances, will also ensure that should an unwanted guest approach your home, they will be spotted. Likewise, lighting-up key areas of your property also aids your Home Security System, if you use one. 

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but it is something that people will pay more money to ensure that they have. 

Boost your curb appeal
The most efficient way to increase the curb appeal of your home is to improve, or add, landscape lighting. By implementing good, quality landscape lighting installed by a professional electrician, you’ll be ensuring that your home stands out from the rest of the properties in your neighborhood.

Vittetoe Electric are here to help you design your landscape lighting to ensure that you’re capturing the architectural beauty of your Colorado home. 

Cosy evenings
Another practical aspect of utilising landscape lighting is that by illuminating key areas of your property and yard, you’re creating an inviting, functional space to entertain guests and spend time with family and friends late into the evening. A professional electrician can ensure that you’re installing the lighting in optimal places so that you can see almost as clearly during the nights as you would in the daytime. 

By creating this welcoming, family space you’re allowing buyers to picture themselves partying with their friends and family – a great idea to cultivate for selling your home!  

Adding ambience
Done properly, outdoor lighting generates a warm, home-like feel. Like a rush of comfort washing over you, this feeling is what home buyers seek in their potential new home. It creates a peaceful, pleasant atmosphere when they can see themselves feeling at ease after a long day at work, their own private haven. 

At Vittetoe Electric, our professional electricians are knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in the installation of Landscape Lighting Systems. For over 20 years, we’ve been lighting up neighborhoods in Colorado and we’d love to help you with your lighting project to increase the value of your home. Call (303) 521 7827 to request a free quote. 

Always Hire a Professionals

No matter urgent any electrical repairs seem, it’s never okay to attempt to handle them on your own. Trying to take care of electrical problems without professional training is extremely dangerous. If you or someone else aren’t hurt during your attempt, there’s still a chance that you’ve left something undone that poses a huge risk to you, your home, or your family. In fact, faulty electrical wiring is the number one cause of house fires in the United States, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. So in order to make sure that your home is safe, rely on a professional for any electrical services.

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