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10 Nov, 2022
Posted by Vittetoe Web Team
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10 Must-Know Christmas Light & Decoration Safety Tips

Christmas lights make the holiday season shine and each year they seem to get bigger, brighter, and flashier! Holiday lights can add a festive cheer to your home inside and out, but it’s important that they’re used as directed, whilst observing safety precautions. The incidents of house fires can increase by a staggering 50% during the holidays, often caused by poor quality Christmas lights.
Light up your home safely this holiday season with 10 must-know safety tips from the Vittetoe electrical experts.

Is it time for new Christmas lights? If your holiday lights have been brought up and down from the attic for years on end, then it may be time to replace time. Old sparkling illuminations have the potential to create a safety hazard.

  • Consider your wiring arrangement. Trailing wires can become a dangerous tripping hazard. Ensure there’s no loose wires or cables – both indoors and outdoors.
  • Switch off the lights when you’re away. Do not leave your lights on unattended or when everyone in your home is asleep. Should a problem develop with your lights, it’s important that someone is on hand to rectify it quickly to mitigate injury, otherwise you risk a serous fire and injury.
  • Use extension cords appropriately. Make sure that you select the right extension cord for the job. If you’re looking to add outdoor lighting, you’ll need specific outdoor extension cords as they are weatherproof. Indoors or outdoors, ensure that you have sufficient quantity and length of grounded extension cord for the number of lights you plan to use. Never overload your extension cord.
  • Consider dedicate outdoor plugs. If you’re lighting up your neighborhood this Christmas, you may consider dedicated outdoor plugs for your outdoor lighting. Vittetoe Electric can install specialist outdoor plugs that are weather and waterproof.
  • Don’t forget child safety. If you have little ones this Christmas, remember that children and Christmas lighting can be a dangerous mix and should be avoided. Due to their flashy, shiny nature, children may be drawn to the festive lights. Plan and prevent an accident by placing lights out of the reach of little hands.
  • Verify proper ratings. If you’re buying new festive lights this holiday, ensure that yours have been tested and rated by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) or Intertek (ETL Semko). This will be clearly labelled on the packaging for your peace of mind.
  • Replace your bulbs. If you spot a bulb has burned out on your holiday cheers, don’t let it deem your festive cheer, replace them. It’s hazardous to have light strings plugged in with bare sockets.
  • Avoid placing holiday lights on metal trees. If you decide to go for a contemporary metal Christmas tree this year, do not hang lights on it. You’re at risk of causing a fire and electric shock injuries.
  • Avoid obstructions. It’s easy to pile your Christmas presents under your tree and forget about them but ensure that you’re not covering any plug sockets with your gifts so they don’t overheat.

Enjoy a Safe Holiday Season
Keep the whole family safe this holiday season and enjoy a magical display by observing proper Christmas light safety precautions this Christmas.

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